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Tuesday, November 29 2011

So Last Week 107

In this week’s so last week, sex news you may have missed, research says women fake orgasm to hold on to their men, but the research is all about women in college and their early 20′s. Does faking orgasm go away with age? Bad sex writing. Major league baseball speaks out on sexual orientation. Plus, nerdy Jewish dudes make for hot pornstars.

  • College women fake orgasm to hang on to their men. (LiveScience)
  • Bad sex writing awards go out to otherwise good writers (including one of my personal favorites Haruki Murakami). (Firstpost)
  • Major league baseball goes to bat to make sexual orientation a non-issue. (NYDailyNews)
  • File under brilliant…not: Gay marriage opens the door to marriage with inanimate objects. So says Tamara Scott, Iowa director for the conservative group Concerned Women for America. (SheWired)
  • So 1994 (but reposted last week): Did sex emerge from cannibalism? And what’s kefir got to do with it? (ScientificAmerican)
  • Billed (by the New York Observer) as a ”homoerotic caper through the tents of Oakland’s Occupation,” “Occupy My Throat,” is filmed at Occupy Oakland. (HuffPo)
  • “Nerdy Jewish dudes” all the rage in porn these days. I said rage..not raging hard on. There, now I said that too. (TheShmooze)
  • Why Editrix Abby should be your online dating coach, or at least why she’ll make you laugh at dating. (EditrixAbby)
  • Why I now want to see A Dangerous Method. Freud, Jung and sex. (io9)
  • B2B news: Lovehoney acquires Coco de Mer. Them boys are on a roll! (InsiderMedia)
image via peasap/flickr

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Monday, November 28 2011

Porn and Self Pleasure

Note: So Last Week will be posted tomorrow, today there are more timely matters to attend to (see below).

Timely matter UPDATE:

We have a glitch with survey monkey so please hold off on answering the survey for now..In the meantime, here’s a little bit about the motivation behind making it happen. Our apologies!

Timely matter: My friend and fantastic professor, writer and researcher Hugo Schwyzer approached me a few months back about working together on a project about porn and self pleasure. Hugo was interested in learning more about women’s porn habits online. He said that not only has porn viewing by women increased, but he’d also talked with women who expressed a gendered idea. It was this idea that watching porn made them “act/feel more like a man.” I found that phrase fascinating. I had questions. Questions like:

How does a man act? Feel?

What is the definition of a man anyway?

What is it about porn that makes us put a gender to what we do?

How has watching porn changed how we pleasure ourselves as women? Has it changed how women masturbate?

I wanted to know more and then travel and life happened in the way that travel and life seem to happen, and this was placed on the backburner (so to speak). But now I’m happy to say that now we have collectively put together this short survey on female-identified persons and their particular habits around online porn, and what we need next is YOUR input.

Please take a moment to contribute your experiences. Pass it on to friends and loved ones who would feel comfortable answering personal questions for two seemingly random strangers. It’s only 10 questions and it could save a life (okay, that last part was a lie), or at least make you think about your sex life.

This is only the beginning and it’s laying the groundwork for our study to be even bigger than we can imagine right now. That being said, I look forward to reading what you’ve got to say!

xxx and OH!

Direct link to survey - http://www.kwiksurveys.com/online-survey.php?surveyID=ONJDMM_668f6e12

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Monday, November 21 2011

So Last Week 106

In this week’s so last week, sex news you may have missed, the New York Times goes eight pages into sex education. The White House, Bishops and birth control. Moore Demi and Ashton and Benetton goes beyond (fashion, again) to shake things up.

My so last week in pics: White Raspberry Cake. Dog Cunnilingus. The Electric Jesus.
  • This week’s must read: Teaching Good Sex. (NYT)
  • The White House admits it may cave to bishops on birth control coverage. (RHRealityCheck)
  • Demi Moore. Ashton Kutcher. Open relationships and divorce. (TheDailyBeast)
  • Benetton’s pope kissing ad and the backlash that ensued. (Guardian)
  • Scantily clad men viewed as less competent. Hmm, not sure I agree… (LiveScience)
  • The fear of having more babies is ruining my sex life. (TheStir)
  • Gaddafi’s sex habits explored. (Gawker)
  • Facebook grapples with porn infestation. (Sexis)
  • 14 luxury sex toys that may break your budget. (Cracked)
  • Spicing it Up. The Freddy and Eddy episode. (SexNerdSandra)

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Monday, November 14 2011

So Last Week 105

In this week’s So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed, Cory Silverberg explains Vulvanomics. The Penn State Scandal. Satan wins (hot damn and hallelujah) in the state of Mississippi. Former porn star reads non-porny things to first graders, but first, my last week..in three pictures!

Kitties and The Fleshbot Awards (with Editrix Abby, Buck Angel, Molly Crabapple and Michael Malice)
  • Vulvanomics. Get with the program. (about)
  • It’s important to speak up as an active bystander of child sexual abuse. Lessons from the Penn State Scandal. (RHRealityCheck)
  • “A battle of good and evil of biblical proportions” is touted in the state of Mississippi, and still voters firmly reject Initiative 26: a controversial amendment that went way too far on abortion, birth control, women’s rights and more, leaving some to proclaim Satan as winner! (Businessweek)
  • Berlusconi is out as Prime Minister of Italy, but it’s not only about who he did the old in-n-out with. Instead, blame it on the Greeks. (Reuters)
  • Porn memorabilia becomes a legitimate collectible. (CNBC)
  • Sex with animals may lead to increased risk of penis cancer. (HuffPo)
  • Not for the back of seats: Ryannair thinks about introducing in-flight porn. (Time)
  • Is pregnant sex the best sex ever? (Babble)
  • 29 tips from 29 sexperts. Not it. (CollegeCandy)
  • Former porn star Sasha Grey reads to first graders. Uproar ensues. (Slate)

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Wednesday, November 9 2011

Hot Sox: How to Suck Less At Online Dating

Photos: me and abby. 2004 and 2011. Burning Man.

It’s another Hot Sox Podcast, and my guest is the very special, dear friend type-o-guest that lets me crash at her place and take care of her adorable new poodle, Scribbles. It’s Abby, Stabby, Crabby, Fabby (I just made that one up), Ehmann and I love her dearly. She has been a huge influence in my life for years. You’ve heard her on the podcast before (in March, Podcast 11), and now get ready to hear her again. This week, we’re talking about how she hears a lot of “Wow! You look just like your picture!” as she, once again, dips her toes, tats (short for tattoos, not ta-tas) and whole bad-ass self into the world of online dating.

Commiserate with sexy wordsmith Editrix Abby as she and I discuss the pitfalls and perils of her online dating escapades, including her current one month romp on SeniorPeopleMeet. Abby dishes on online dating etiquette, the men, and the crazy exchanges she’s had (without even meeting the men). Plus, why spelling matters and naked penis pictures. And, after listening to Abby, you can even ask her out, if you think you’ve got what she wants.

Here’s just one pearl of Abby-licious wisdom: “If you’re fishing, what are you putting on your line. What’s the bait you’re trying to hook people with?” Think about it and listen to this week’s Hot Sox Podcast. It’s all about online dating. Hook, line and sink-her.

Listen on my site or via itunes

Music. Intro: Girl I Love You, Massive Attack.  Outro: Love is a Losing Game, Amy Winehouse

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Monday, November 7 2011

So Last Week 104

In this week’s So Last Week, Nicholas Kristof makes birth control sense. Good Men Project explores why, in the human-animal kingdom, cougars are less harmful than silver foxes. Herman Cain isn’t able to convince anyone he’s not the sexually harassing type. Sexual assistants want recognition for their assistance. Ashley Madison isn’t fat friendly. It’s all sex news you may have missed.

pictures from my so last week: On the beach, Long Island. The Will Clark Show, NYC.
  • “Can I get an amen?! Contraceptives no more cause sex than umbrellas cause rain.” (NYT)
  • Silver foxes do more harm than cougars. (GoodMenProject)
  • Raising Cain on sexual harassment. (HuffPo)
  • Sexual assistants for disabled clients. What do you know? (news24)
  • Why Ashley Madison can suck my big, juicy eggs. (Jezebel)
  • Kim Kardashian’s divorce is good for America and women. (TheDailyBeast)
  • Is there really any sanctity in marriage? (Sexis)
  • Dan Savage gets glitterbombed for being transphobic. (Queerty)
  • Mommy is a love artist. Meet Madison Young. (Salon)
  • ABC news anchor outs himself during the news. (ABC)

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