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Sunday, July 24 2011

So Last Week .90

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, Jocelyn Edlers speaks her beautiful mind. Male contraception — the non-condom kind. What penis size says about sexual domination and submission in the gay community and when is violent sex okay? It’s all So Last Week…

  • MUST READ: Jocelyn Edlers explains the ABCD of AIDs prevention (Abstinence, Be faithful, latex Condoms, and Do other things) and America’s real sexual dysfunction. (RHRealityCheck)
  • “Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance” and other forms of male contraception. Are you coming? Soon? (NYTimes)
  • NIH-backed study says gay men with small penises are more likely to be bottoms. (FoxNews)
  • Is female masturbation really the last sexual taboo? (TheNewRepublic)
  • When is violent sex okay? (Salon)
  • Handsome men = better sex. Really? Of course you’re more turned on when you’re attracted to someone. Duh! (SMH)
  • Hitler ordered ‘gynoid’ sex dolls for his troops. (BUST)
  • When the economy tanks, sex toys sales rise. (CNBC)
  • Gay marriage in New York. It’s official. YAY! (LATimes)
  • The Trojan Vibrator Truck makes its way across New York. (MSNBC)

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Tuesday, July 19 2011

What does your orgasm feel like?

Have you ever had an orgasm? Have you never had an orgasm? Either way, I want to hear about your experience with orgasm. I’m helping work on a site all about the Big O. In order to make this site as compelling and inclusive as possible, I’m looking for real people and real stories on real orgasm (the site will be targeted towards female orgasm for now, but all orgasm stories are welcome).

If you have five minutes, please contribute. You could help be responsible for someone’s next Big O. How exciting is that?

If you are contributing, please email me at hottwax at gmail.com with the subject line I AGREE TO SHARE MY GASM

then answer the following questions. Long and short answers welcome.

Name (first name only is fine)


Place of Residence

At what age did you have your first orgasm? Tell me about it.

How do you like to orgasm?

Share one tip or technique that takes you, or your partner, over the edge.

If you’re out and proud, please include a nice headshot of yourself for our website.



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Sunday, July 17 2011

So Last Week .89

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, sex and meditation - different hemispheres, same effects? Plus, Rachel Kramer Bussel defends your right to be kinky. Larry Flynt on freedom of the press, super-vibrators and the clap came back, and it looks like it’s planning to stay a while. It’s So Last Week…

  • The neurobiology of bliss. (ScientificAmerican)
  • Rachel Kramer Bussel stands up for your right to be kinky. (Sexis)
  • Larry Flynt tells Rupert Murdoch to man up. (WashPost)
  • It’s J.L”over” for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony after 7 years of marriage. (DailyMail)
  • For the love of moon rocks. A man ruins his life for his lover. (CNN)
  • What do your body parts say about you? (Mirror.UK)
  • The clap came back, and we’re not talking “…your hands and say yeah” either. Oh Gonorrhea. (Wired)
  • Like father, like son. Porn Mogul James Mitchell convicted of murder. (SFGate)
  • Dan Savage asks Stephen Colbert for clarification. “Is it adultery if I’m at one end of the man and my husband is at the other?” (Time)
  • Are you a super-vibrator? It is, and isn’t, what you think. (SMH)

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Monday, July 11 2011

So Last Week .88

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, penis size, you still can’t tell it from a finger. Erica Jong answers her own question, is sex passe? Plus online dating and catching a pleasure buzz- a fascinating Huffington Post read. It’s all So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed.

  • Turns out you may be able to tell a a man’s penis size by his fingers. (LATimes)
  • And then it turns out, you can’t. (PsychologyToday)
  • Erica Jong answers the question, Is sex passe? (NYT)
  • Sex, love and loneliness on the internet. (NewYorker)
  • The neuroscience of pleasure. (HuffPost)
  • California set to put US Gay and Lesbian history on public school curriculum. (Guardian)
  • Pornography. Driving men crazy everywhere. (CNN)
  • Germany’s Green Party just says no to toxic sex toys. (Independent)
  • Men who cuddle are more sexually satisfied. (USAToday)
  • Whore. Prostitute. Hooker. Sex Worker. What word should you say? (Good.is)

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Friday, July 8 2011

Hot Sox: Are You Shallow About Who You Date?

The next Hot Sox Podcast is up and at ‘em (yippee!), and before we begin here’s some TMI. I’ve been thinking a lot about why I attract, or am attracted to, a mate. And even when I knew it was right, the physical could hold me a while. I can now admit, at times, I’ve been shallow. And now, knowing that, and realizing that shallow is so last year, I was interested to hear what The Passion Consultant Barry Selby had to say about getting the love you want. A spiritual psychologist, he says he’s armed with the skills to help woman, and men, get the love they truly desire and may not even think they deserve. We discuss what it means to help people with romance, and how to overcome the huh-huh-humps. Yes, he’s single, and no, we don’t go too far into my subconscious.

Listen to the podcast. (Available on itunes soon), and I’m working on recording through skype and sound quality. I promise.

Are you shallow about who you date?

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Tuesday, July 5 2011

So Last Week .87

In this week’s Tuesday edition of sex news you may have missed, Dan Savage rocks my socks off when he says, “I acknowledge the advantages of monogamy when it comes to sexual safety, infections, emotional safety, paternity assurances. But people in monogamous relationships have to be willing to meet me a quarter of the way and acknowledge the drawbacks of monogamy around boredom, despair, lack of variety, sexual death and being taken for granted.” Plus a brutally honest story about dealing with being a woman journalist in tough places and what do you do when your husband loves your breast implants more than he loves you. It’s all So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed.

  • Infidelity will keep us together. (NYT)
  • How violent sex helped ease my PTSD. (Good.Is)
  • You’re so perfect…except for your boobs. (AdiosBarbie)
  • Ovulating women have better gaydar. (VillageVoice)
  • Glee’s Cory Monteith shows he’s straight but not narrow. (TheStir)
  • Bug’s penis makes loudest animal sound. (WiredUK)
  • When love had to come before sex. An intriguing new book. (DailyMail)
  • Anniversary time: John Holmes and the Wonderland Murders. (GramPonante)
  • On being a dainty man. (CharlieGlickman)
  • Comfort sex is no small feat. (TheChart)
  • Kim Kardashian x-rays her butt. What do you think? (JustThink)


Image via Courtney Bolton/Flickr

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Monday, July 4 2011

Independence Day Sex

It’s the fourth of July (Independence Day where I’m from), so why not make like an American and break free from the types of sex you’re regularly having? You don’t have to go out of your way to change up your sex life. In fact, a little change can go a long way. I re-learned this after shooting 101 positions for Lovers. After researching a myriad of sex positions, I became even more attune to the tiny tweaks that cant take your sex life to the next level. You may see fireworks with one of these moves, but even if you don’t, it’s an interesting experiment. So try these ordinary sex positions with teeny-tiny but sometimes extraordinary twists, and you’ll figure out if seeing stars and stripes is in your future.

What are three tweaks you can make to turn boost up your sex life?

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