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"I was blown away by one of Jamye's sex toy workshops. Seriously, I thought I knew everything about sex toys, but boy was I wrong. Jamye is an amazing breath of fresh air and I felt totally liberated when she was finished. She speaks with enough clinical lingo to make if feel legit, but with enough normal speak to make if feel real."
- Shawna, Los Angeles

"Your workshop was fabulous! Ever since I took it, my boyfriend says I give the best head ever. The fellatio workshop made me a pro...LOL....I've never had a guy scream 'OH G-D!' during fellatio. So thanks again!"
- Nora, New York

""I had an awesome time at the workshop last night. It was so nice to meet you! Wow! Your presence and honesty are arousing."
- Jessica Ryan, New York
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What is a workshop?

Workshops are generally 90 minutes in length and cover topics like techniques for better sex, ways to talk to your partner (in and out of the bedroom), the lowdown on sex toys and anatomy. Workshops may be tailored to fit specific needs* and there is no minimum amount of people required to hold private workshops. All workshops take place in private locations, usually selected by the workshop participants. Workshops consist of mature content.

Click on a workshop topic below to learn more:

Workshops are great for bachelorette parties, nights out, private social functions, college lectures or any event that brings people together in a fun, relaxed environment with a focus on learning about sex and sensuality.

Contact JamYe to discuss price and availability.

*Jamye is also available to design workshops that fit individual needs and requirements.



Real Sex vs. Porn Sex

Sex on film is a whole lot different than sex in real life. Adult actors and actresses are sexual superstars, bending and twisting in ways most "civilians" can't. In this workshop Jamye invites you to dissect the sex in porn, and takes you behind the scenes to uncover how reality is turned into fantasy. From lubrication and communication to things you should only see in porn (and even that's debatable) Jamye will break down the barriers between real sex and porn sex, and help you navigate your own sex life so that you can get the best information, and education, from both worlds.

In this workshop we'll discuss aspects of what goes in to making an adult film, and and tips on how you should and shouldn't have sex like a porn star.
  • Learn more about female orgasms and their validity in porn. Plus how to make her have an orgasm.
  • Communication. The way the porn stars do it behind the scenes, and ways you can communicate better in your own sex life.
  • Lubrication. Outside of spit, you don't see a lot of it in porn, but it's being used, so how do you use it?
  • Dressing Up and Dressing Down: What you can wear to make both yourself and your partner feel sexy.
  • Oral and Anal Sex: How the Stars do it, and tips that can help anyone have pleasurable anal sex.
  • Positions: Why some positions are better left to the pros, and ways you can change the positions in your sex life.
  • Things You See in Porn But Aren't Always Fit for Real Life: We'll talk about ATM, Facials - things that you see in porn but that you don't necessarily want to see in your own sex life.


Pump Up the Passion
Even the greatest relationships can use a little zing. Whether you're looking for ways to keep your relationship in the groove, or trying to discover a new way to move, this couple's only workshop will help take your relationship to an even deeper level. A great place for couples to communicate more of their sexual desires, and a safe space to delve into fantasies, erotica, sexual positions and dirty talk - you will leave this workshop feeling like you've just met. This is a date night you don't want to miss.

In this workshop you'll discover:
  • Ways to communicate with your partner through touch and talk
  • Role-play scenarios that get you in the mood
  • How to dirty talk, even if you're shy
  • Ways to incorporate erotic stories and films into your sensual relationship
  • Tips on anal stimulation - it is after all an equal opportunity erogenous zone!


The Sexth Sense
Sex isn't only about orgasm, or is it? No, of course not, if it were, sex would get just plain dull and lifeless. Learning how to incorporate your five senses into your sex play will help keep foreplay alive and exciting. Using your senses of taste, touch, sight, sound and smell, sexplore ways to enhance your sex life without focusing on getting to orgasm so quickly. Learn new techniques to touch your lover, figure out foods that are fun for play, how to watch porn together and incorporate toys that tickle your fancy. Enjoy your lover on a whole other level. Great for singles and couples!

A few things you'll know by the end of the day:
  • Ways to expand your orgasmic potential and ways to potentially help premature ejaculation
  • Aphrodisiac Foods that turn people on
  • A variety of techniques for touching your partner
  • Why it's not important to always focus on orgasm
  • Simple breathing techniques to deeply connect with your partner or yourself


Sex Boot Camp: Blowjob Basics
From spitting to swallowing to taking it all in, this class is designed to teach "givers" how to sexually please the men in their lives. From basic anatomy, to the not so basic of places, to turning him on and getting him off - using your hands and your mouth - discover various tricks and techniques that will help you change the way you love your man.

A few things you'll learn when going from suck to blow:
  • The hidden parts of a man's genital anatomy and how to touch the Prostate
  • Ways to handle any sized man
  • Hand and Mouth techniques that will keep him around, including how to take him deep in your mouth
  • How to communicate what you want both with and without dialogue
  • Toys that boys can use to enhance their sex-sations


Uncovering the O: Female Orgasms and More! More! More!
For women and men, a class designed to teach anyone the ins and outs of pleasing a woman. Using our bodies and our brains - learn how to turn on female partners, or, for women, learn how to turn yourself on and bring yourself to a whole other level of body comfort. Masturbation techniques than anyone can use and frank talk about sex and the body, this class will teach you the basics, and then some, about sex and women.

What you'll learn by the end:
  • The differences in orgasm between men and women
  • How to have a clitoral orgasm
  • The what and where of G-Spot stimulation
  • Techniques for using your tongue
  • Explore various types of erotica that can be used in conjunction with the brain to turn her on


Sex Toys: How to Choose Them, How to Use Them
Sex toys are a great way to enhance any relationship or to vary up your own masturbation rituals, but there are so many different types of toys on the market, it's hard to know what ones to buy and how to use them. This class teaches the basics about various toys, including the latest sex toys, and teaches the where and how to find what you're looking for.

What you'll take away from this class:
  • The differences between dildos and vibrators, the materials that they're made out of, how to use them and how to clean them
  • Innovative ways to use sex toys that you can find around the house
  • Toys for Boys
  • How couples can incorporate toys into their relationship
  • The different types of lubes and condoms available and how to find one that's right for you

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    Ask Jamye Anything!
    A DIY workshop that allows participants to ask anything they want around sex and dating. This unique workshop allows participants to ask their own questions on techniques, tricks, positions and concerns. From the difference between the G-spot and A-spot to how to use a Cock Ring and what's the best condom for long sessions, Playgirl sex blogger, and former sex advice columnist, Jamye Waxman will provide candid and informative answers to your burning sex questions.