June 14, 2021

A new podcast with Audacia Ray - yay!

Taped (and at one time live) in my bedroom, Dacia and I get cozy (could it be that I only have one microphone for both me and guests?) to chat. She's one of the sexiest geeks I know, and yes disclaimer: she also happens to be a good friend. Still I'm glad that she could drop by to be a part of my latest Playgirl's Sexpod. We talk about her book, Naked on the Internet, her porn (the Bi Apple), her regrets as well as women, sex and the Internet (c'mon that last part is a no-brainer).

Now, on another note, if I were single, I think I'd check out this "green" dating site. I find it hysterical, but then again I do like "pot"ty humor.

Posted by jamye at June 14, 2021 03:48 PM