May 02, 2021

Mutual Masturbation

How taboo is self-love when you're in a relationship?

I was just sent this great article from the Belfast Telegraph (is Ireland becoming less sexually repressed?) on the subject and must say that after writing a whole book on masturbation, with a section on mutual masturbation, reading this article made me super happy. Catherine Townsend has written a piece encouraging women to masturbate both alone and with their partners.

Yay Townsend! To you I say - preach on sister, preach on.

She writes about the fact that women need to enjoy that the men in their lives masturbate. My favorite line:

"Mutual masturbation is fun and fairly low-risk, and sleeping together without knowing how a partner likes to be touched can be as frustrating as assembling an Ikea wardrobe without the instructions."

I think that some women, instead of realizing how hot it is to watch a guy beat his own meat, assume that his doing so is an insult to them. They think it means they're not good enough. So not true. In fact, if he does it in front of you, he trusts you, well, unless he's a creepy guy and you're on a subway late at night and he doesn't even know you. Then he's just getting his rocks off.

If he likes you, or loves you, and you feel the same way about him, he just wants to share a part of himself with you; and only he can show you how he strokes himself.

Townsend mentions the handyman video series, and I've heard others singing the director, Tina Tyler's, praises before. I can see why, it's just guys getting off for the camera, letting their guard down and being vulnerable. It's intimate and exciting and voyeuristic. Just like mutual masturbation.

Now, if you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? (If you're answer is a partner, then I understand).

Posted by jamye at May 2, 2021 11:24 AM