April 26, 2021

Dripping Bulges Can Feel Silky Smooth and Wet

In addition to finishing up my book, my movies and reading tonight at the JCC (are you coming?) I'm also writing short vignettes for made-for-TV porn. I am by no means an amazing, or highly professional, erotic writer but I'm definitely learning. So I've decided to compile a list of five words I feel are overused in erotic stories, even though I'll admit that I'm guilty of using them.

1. Bulge: As in the bulge in his pants grew bigger, I knew he was ready to enter my sex. Okay, that whole sentence might be overly cliched, but it gets my point across about "the bulge."

2. Wet: Fine, that's what happens to most women's genitals as they get aroused, but it's an overused word. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that moist is much better, but I'm working on thinking up words to describe the drips of moisture in between her thighs after something like his manhood, a word that for some reason reminds me of two men sword fighting, is revealed. And honestly, wet's fine, it's just used often.

3. Silky Smooth: Why is it that skin's always described as silky smooth? I can answer my own question and say because it's a visual turn-on to think of that combo, but it's also the most overused description of skin in erotic writing. Don't you agree?

4. Worship: This is what one person does to the other. It can be to any body part, including the feet, the fingers and the pussy. It's a great word, and like I said, I'm guilty of using it, but it's one of the more overused descriptive words.

5. Dripping: Another action word thats been used a lot. Of course, it goes well with the wet, moist combo so I can understand why.

Again, I'm not trying to change the world of erotic storytelling. I'm just pointing out, what feel like to me, words that are abundantly overused.

Posted by jamye at April 26, 2021 03:58 PM