April 06, 2021

Lady Orgasms

It's so much easier for me to have an orgasm without something inside of my vagina, than it is to have an orgasm with something inside of me. I realized this (again) yesterday, while I was happily having the former. I can do it, with the help of clitoral stimulation, but it just takes a lot longer than it would if I were just lying on my back, on my bed, with my favorite new vibe, the Eroscillator.

Orgasms are an interesting thing. Women obviously don't need to have one to procreate, men on the other hand do, but we often don't feel completely satisfied, psychologically, unless we have one. I've had lots of sex without orgasms, and it still feels pretty darn good, but sometimes I think if he has one and I didn't, then I was cheated. I never thought much about the technicalities of having an orgasm, about the how it happens, outside of if you rub long enough, and it feels good, the rubbing takes over your body, but there's been a lot of press recently about Beverly Whipple, the woman who brought the G Spot out of the closet and her latest research on female orgasms and the brain.

One of the cool things she and her team of researchers have identified is "three nerve pathways not previously linked to female sexuality. They carry sensations from the vagina, cervix and uterus to the brain." She explains that the cervix actually has way more sensation than medical doctors had originally thought. Hmmm...

In her research, women with spinal cord injuries can still feel orgasms, and other women actually show her how they think themselves off. It's awesome research, and it's so interesting that women who can't feel things below a certain point, can still actually experience orgasm. I've always wanted to be able to think myself off, but I've never thought about it long enough or hard enough to make it happen, and I think I'm too lazy to do it now. I'd still like to experience another G Spot orgasm and see if it really is all that different than the clitoral ones I generally enjoy. Whipple explains that "Vaginal orgasms, triggered by the G-spot, are felt deeper inside. It's like a bearing down sensation." The only time I had a vaginal or G Spot orgasm, it took a heck of a lot longer than it would had I just slapped a vibe on my clit, and it wasn't all that different, and it sure as hell wasn't better, and therefore I deduce that it wasn't worth the wrist hurting that occurred as a result of my 45 minutes of penetration without any other form of stimulation. But this deeper experience...me want to understand..

I keep telling myself that I'll do it again (the G Spot thing), if for no other reason than as a reminder about what it felt like back in the day when I did it the first time. Whipple makes me all the more curious about female orgasms and how to have whatever ones I want, and how huge a role the brain plays in all of this sex stuff - the brain is the most powerful sex organ! And so I'm going to think on this one, perhaps to the point where I get off. Or maybe just to the point where I decide to get back to work.

Posted by jamye at April 6, 2021 12:19 PM