March 20, 2021

Your few words on Masturbation

I did this whole photo shoot in my aunt's house in LA after everybody else was passed the "f" out. It was my last day in movie makeup and I wanted to rip my own clothes off. Well not really, but if I wasn't so damn honest it would make a good story.

It seems like the only thing I can really, truly talk about these days is Masturbation. Why I capitalized the word I'm not quite sure, maybe it's to emphasize the importance of the subject, or maybe it's because it's so important in my life right now (surprisingly less so in my personal life than my professional one) that I feel the need to emphasize this through capitalization. Whatever. I need to know - what mainstream media things (big word I know) like TV shows, magazines, online places, songs and celebrities taught you a thing or two about masturbation. How did society affect your views on masturbation?

Anyone can, and should, answer me ( Especially women, but I'm looking for all outlets that provided masturbation education or misinformation. Honestly the more I look the more I'm saddened by the fact that masturbation isn't as out and proud as I believe it should be. Aren't we supposed to be moving forward, becoming more progressive in our views about sexuality? Aren't we supposed to be working towards sexual liberation? Or is that only me and the handful of people I know that are, or feel, like me? Because when it comes to masturbation I feel like we're moving nowhere, which is not unlike the feeling of walking in place on one of those automatic sidewalks at the airport. I mean sure you can move forward, but you can also hold on to the rails and watch as the floor moves under you, and then you get nowhere fast. Is masturbation going nowhere fast?

Posted by jamye at March 20, 2021 04:55 PM