November 25, 2021

Carpet and Curtains


Does the carpet match the curtains? It is one the most annoying questions you can ask a woman about her hair, especially when it so obviously means youíre never going to know. But it is definitely a popular question when it comes down to hair questions, and it hits both above and below the belt. While on the flip side, most women donít ask men that same question, because we realize, unlike the male species, that thereís only one way to find out, itís still a question that everybody thinks about. Well, everybody thinks about it with the people whose pants we wouldnít mind getting into or off. Oh, and another annoying question Ė is that your real hair color? Answer: Itís real for now.

I used to be a flaming red head. All throughout college and way into my twenties, the hair on my head was a shade of reddish purple or bright, bright orange. I occasionally dyed my eyebrows to match, but found that I didnít like how two tiny dashes of color could completely change the way my face looked. I never dyed the hair down there, sure, I thought about it on occasion, but itís just so dark, that to do it, would take chemicals, and I donít have the courage.

Even if I wanted to (and I donít), it didnít feel safe, especially since if youíve ever dyed your hair, or smelled the hair of someone who has, you know, and I know, that that shit stinks, and wouldnít want it anywhere near something so precious. While the times of stinky hair ďdooĒ are not over, but changing, it now seems safe to dye your pubic region. Yes, after years of research and testing, thereís a new way to go down there without all the worry Ė and yes, men can do it too.

Her name is Betty, and if you donít know her, then your pubic hair doesnít know what it might be missing. Betty is the brainchild of Nancy Jarecki, who, while living in Rome discovered that Italians match better. At the salon she noticed that women who had just dyed their hair would leave with a doggie bag (and a kiss on both cheeks). When she inquired about what was in the bag, she discovered that it was what ladies needed to make a matched set.

Jarecki came back to the United States and began her research. She asked friends who did hair for a living what they thought. She asked a gynecologist to make a note of who matched and who didnít and found out that hardly any women had the same top to go with their bottom. She spent two years figuring out how to make a product that was safe and wouldnít stain your panties. And thus Betty was born.

Thereís black betty and brown betty, blonde betty and auburn betty and fun betty (in pink) for when you donít care as much about matching as you do about flare. And even if it doesnít match the exact eggplant color of your new do, you can still find a way to change up your pubes. Or you can really screw with your fake hair colors and dye your head blonde, and your pubic hair auburn, and see what kind of reaction you get. It could be like a game called ďThe Real Deal,Ē and you can leave people guessing about what your ďnaturalĒ color is.

Personally, if Iím letting you see my pubes, I wouldnít care if you knew that I dyed the hair on my head, but I donít dye my hair anymore so it doesnít matter. Dying your pubic hair is something you might want to do for yourself, for your lover, or for fun, but for me, unless 1) youíre photographing me naked, 2) Iím going to show it off in public, or 3) I go grey, Iíll stick with what I got.

If youíve got to get it (cost is $20), or just want to check out the goods, click here.

Posted by jamye at November 25, 2021 10:38 AM