October 19, 2021

Pussy 101

A little piece I wrote a few months back about Pussy.

Itís time to dig deep inside her, and not so deep, and explore the beautiful world of pussy. Okay, so pussy might not be such a beautiful word to some of you, but I like it better than vagina and vulva, two words that sound both technical and unsexy, and they donít even mean the same thing. The vagina is the birth canal, and the vulva defines all the external parts of the female genitalia, which are both integral parts of her pussy, so letís just stick with that word for now.

But itís not all about pussy either. The clitoris, the pearl, the rosebud Ė itís the only organ in the human body designed for the sole purpose of pleasure. With over 8,000 nerve endings, itís got double the amount of nerve endings that the penis has, which is often times why we women donít like direct clitoral stimulation until weíre really turned on. In fact, when you first go down on us, or even when you use your finger, you donít have to directly stimulate the head of our clit. Aim to the left, or the right, just a tad, or use a side to side motion with your tongue over our bud, so that youíre not continuously exposing our clit from its hood. And you should also know that the clitoris isnít only the little pearl that you see when it peeks out from under our hood. It extends back and down into our genitals, and genitally speaking, any time we have a vaginal or blended (vaginal + clitoral) orgasm, odds are youíre still hitting our clit. Feel right above the hood, and youíll feel the clitoral shaft (remember the clit is like a small penis). The clit also has legs, called crura, that if visualized make the entire structure look like a wishbone. While you canít actually touch the legs, you can stimulate them by stimulating our labia minora, or inner lips.

Of course then thereís the G Spot, or more aptly named, the Clitoral Cluster. The G Spot is a larger part of our clitoral network, and itís attached to the Urethral Sponge, which is, yep, you guessed it, still a part of the clit. If youíre looking for the G Spot, itís on the top wall of the vagina, (and yes, I mean the vagina this time) youíll need to insert one or two finger beds (the place where your finger bends) into the vagina, and move your fingers in a ďcome here girlĒ sort of motion. You donít want to do this unless sheís highly aroused and ready for action, which is also the reason a number of doctors argue that the G Spot doesnít exist. If a woman isnít aroused, youíre not going to be able to find it. Itís best to start to manually or orally stimulate us before you try to stick something in there, but you can and should eventually try to hit the cluster. It has the texture of a walnut shell, and the actually spot can be about the size of a dime or a quarter, but remember, thereís a whole lot of cluster to play with in that area.

Now thereís also something called the AFE Zone. The Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone is located about an inch or two in, on the posterior side of the vagina, meaning the opposite wall from the G Spot. Because of itís location on the bottom of our vagina, itís actually easier to stimulate during sex than the G Spot (well unless of course you have a Captain Hook penis). Itís slighter rougher than the rest of the vagina and the best way to hit it is with us on top.

There are also places to rub that arenít part of our genitals. Rub right above our mound and below our belly button will help stimulate us in that before-play phase of sex. You can also massage our back, at the base of our spine, right above our buttocks, where we have those two little dimples, use both hands and apply some pressure to get us aroused. Or at the end of sex (and I donít necessarily mean intercourse), right before we orgasm, apply pressure to our fourchette, the area right below the vagina where our inner lips meet, at the beginning of her perineum (the space between her vulva and the butt) to increase our orgasms. Thereís a lot you can do to turn us on, and thereís always something new to learn.

For continuing education on oral sex, there are a number of books to choose from. While I highly recommend Ian Kernerís book She Comes First, I also enjoyed Diana Cageís Box Lunch and Violet Blueís Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus. If youíre looking for an all around book that the two of you can share, try Lou Pagetís The Big O or the latest edition of Paul Joannidesí The Guide to Getting it On.

Posted by jamye at October 19, 2021 04:23 PM