October 06, 2021

Perpetually Glitterific

I think these are my two new favorite words: perpetually glitterific

From RKB's Lusty Lady blog:

(Talking about at the release party for Tristan Taormino's latest skin flick, Chemistry: Also seen in the crowd: the perpetually glitterrific Jamye Waxman, Candida Royalle, Morty Diamond, Nick Catucci. (and I'm sure many others who I'm now forgetting - sorry!)

I'm about to write my first piece for Zug. The guy who runs this site is fucking funny and insane. If you get a chance, read his Viagra prank. Also read the homepage right now. I still can't believe he did this one!

In family news, my brother's letter to the editor is getting published in the NY Times on Monday. Yeah Ian.

Speaking of the NY Times. This Reuters blip was in their paper today:

A political party formed by pedophiles will probably not succeed in gathering the 570 signatures needed by Tuesday to run in national elections next month, the party’s secretary, Norbert de Jonge, said. The party, formed in May, has managed to attract just about 100 supporters. It seeks to lower the legal age of consent to 12, from 16, and to legalize child pornography.

I don't even know what to say.

Posted by jamye at October 6, 2021 06:50 PM