September 10, 2021

Sex A-Z

colorado_drive_burningman06 103.jpg Me and Dickman. In the desert.

Thought about this while waking up this morning.

A - Z: A short list of sexual flavors

A nal Sex: Yeah it's not for everyone, but for anyone who wants to try it, go ahead. Get warmed up first; don't just stick something up your butt. You can try a butt plug or a finger, but first gently massage outside the anus. And use lube. Lots of lube.

B lowjobs: Technically it's called fellatio, and there's no blowing involved. The most basic technique involves your hand and your mouth, acting as one unit.

C unnilingus: Eating pussy or muff diving, those are my two favorite other ways to describe it. Go down on her before you get yourself off so that she's more likely to have an orgasm. Cunnilingus isn't only about tongue, it's actually a lot about the rest of your face too (esp. mouth and nose). Get comfortable. It can take a woman on average 20 minutes to orgasm.

D oggie Style: It's a great way to penetrate deeper. It can also make a guy come rather quickly. A good finishing touch for sex.

E ye contact: Totally important to make this happen while having sex. You want to be there with and for your partner, so show them that you're there by connecting with them on more than one level. Eye contact helps to ensure that you are in the moment, and enjoying what you're doing.

F logging: One form of touch or impact play, mainly associated with BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism). This involves a flogger, or what others might call a cat-o-nine-tails. It's basically a long whip with a large number of leather, suede or rubber bits that look like what you might see when you go through a drive-in car wash. There's an art to flogging, so before you do it, make sure you know the places to strike and not to strike. Flogging can feel like a massage, or it can hurt a bit more than that.

G agging: It's okay to do it, in fact it's a natural reaction your body has when something is trying to get lodged down your throat. Thank your body for protecting you, and then, if you want to learn to stop gagging so much, take your toothbrush and brush a little farther back on your tongue every day. But he will think it's sexy if you gag, cause that makes him think his dick is too big for your mouth.

H arnesses: Looking for Strap on Sex so that you can penetrate your partner in the ass? Or maybe you're a woman who wants to fuck another woman in the pussy? Perhaps you want a second dick? Harnesses can help you have fun in more ways than one. They come in one strap or two, and in lots of different materials. Find one that's right for you. Oh, and rent Bend Over Boyfriend for a good instructional video on getting some action.

I n and Out: That's basically what happens when you're having penetrative sex. Of course you can also go up and down.

J acking off: For women it's sometimes referred to as jilling off, but whatever you call it, masturbation is good, healthy fun. Plus it's nice to get to know your body.

K issing: An important part of foreplay and connection. Don't use teeth, unless we ask, and don't always stick your tongue down our throat. Learn the art of good kissing, and we'll melt for you every time (well, if we're into the kissing thing).

L ubrication: So important for good sex. Keep a water based or silicone based lube by your night table at all times, or anywhere that you may have sex. My favorite is Pink.

M utual Masturbation: A great way to find out the different strokes that work for your man or woman. Watch each other masturbate. Get off. Then get off again together.

N ipple Clamps: Looking for some added nipple sensation. These babies will do the trick. They hurt both going on, and coming off.

O rgasms: We all want them because they feel good and help release pent up energy in our body. But they don't have to be the focus of every sexual encounter.

P rotection: Yeah, that's right; we need to make sure we're protected. Latex condoms work really well if used correctly. If you're allergic to latex try a polyurethane condom or the Reality female condom. It's great for both vaginal and anal sex.

Q ueefing: Pussy farts. It's all about the position your in and the amount of air escaping from the vagina. They sound funny so laugh. Plus they don't smell bad.

R everse Cowgirl: A sexy position where she's on top with her back and butt facing you as she fucks you good. You don't need to be an actual cowboy to enjoy this position.

S TI's: Sexually transmitted infections (not diseases). These can be viral or bacterial and some, like HPV, are transmitted through skin to skin contact. If you're sexually active it's best to be aware of these infections, know your risks and get checked regularly.

T ea bagging: Sucking on his balls. Dunking one in your mouth and then the other. Or try two at a time.

U ndergarments: It may not be that big a deal for you, but it can really turn your partner on. Throw away those granny panties or tidy whities and buy yourself a nice, new, revealing pair of underwear.
V ocabulary: Flattery will get you everywhere. Learn a little dirty talk and you're sex life can go a lot of new places. Tell your lover what your favorite body part is, or describe a sexual fantasy. Send a racy email. Increase your sexual vocabulary.

W eb cams: Canít be near your partner, then get a web cam and watch each other on your computer screen. You can talk or type and tell each other what youíd like to see and do. Itís an interactive way to have sex without having to be in the same room.

X XX: A sex rating. Rent a porn and watch a XXX movie. For couples try Tony Comstock's Xana and Dax.

Y oni: The Sanskrit word for vulva. The penis is the lingam. Experiment with tantric sex. See if it works for you.

Z zzz's: Make sure that you bask in the afterglow when it comes to sex, and then, if the time is right, get some z's. Sex can make you sleepy, and it's okay to go to sleep afterwards. Spend some time cuddling or talking if you can, and then get your rest.

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