August 18, 2021

Sending Good Vibes

In two weeks I'll be seeing plenty of this. Fire! Fire!

Last night I gave myself what I've diagnosed as a second degree burn. I have a white, blistery bubble on the fuck you finger of my left hand, thanks to the use of a glue gun. I don't think glue guns are safe for people of any age anymore. I was just trying to pick some hanging lint off the gun, when the glue stuck to my finger. I have never experienced such pain, and I hope to never experience such pain again. Burning is like no other pain. A hot sensation full of anger and loathing, and it didn't go pulsing, or what I like to refer to as thumping, for over two hours. Cold water could only do so much. I might be surrounded by fire in a week, but I am not going to touch it (yes, I know smart thing not to do anyway).

I so wanted to write more than just two hours before I head off for three weeks, but this week has been about making sure that everything else gets done. Blue's sitting on the desk, purring loudly, making sure I know that he knows that we're leaving. Truth is, I don't think he cares that we're leaving, although last night he showed me some extra, extra special love that makes me think that maybe he cares just a little. I just think that he cares about getting fed. He will get fed. He always gets fed. He's a cat with one of those sacks hanging from under his belly, that's how fed he's been.

In a few weeks an article entitled "Letters to my vibrators" will be posted where I regularly write. But because I enjoyed just writing the letters so much I'm going to post one here today. This company deserves props for some beautifully elegant vibes. And although, because of time and other maladies, I've yet to use their vibes, when I get home it's the first thing I'm going to charge.

Okay, here it is.

Dear Iris,
You sit in my bedroom, although weíve yet to be formally introduced, so Iíd like to say itís nice to meet you. All the way from Sweden, and a company called LELO, you are a little beauty. Iím honored to have you in my presence, because you is so fine girl. Now all I need to do is charge you up and set you off. Iím looking forward to our first encounter, to get you inside of me, so that you can hopefully hit my spots. I have to say I donít come all that easy from penetration, but youíre so pretty and pleasing on the eye, that Iím willing to give it my best shot. I hope we become best friends, although Iím also interested in meeting your cousin, Nea( it's a clit thing). You are both so fine, and right now you are also mine. (Sorry about the cheesy rhyme). Anyway, Iím sure weíll be in touch soon.

Yeah, we'll be in touch soon.

Posted by jamye at August 18, 2021 03:34 PM