May 08, 2021

Since you've been away

"Since you've been away I've been down and lonely. Since you've been away I've been thinking of you..." (Who knows of where this comes?")

Since I've been away (from this blog for the past few days),

1. I've successfully managed to get nauseated (not nauseous as noted here) at varying intervals during the past few days. On Saturday I became nauseated at around 6PM. On Sunday it was closer to 4PM and today it was more like 1PM. No, I don't think I'm pregnant. Yes, I do take my pill on a regular basis at a regular timed interval.

2. I've found out that I'm officially finished with my M.Ed (Masters) in Human Sexuality Education. I'm still waiting for two classes to transfer, but that's all. My transcript from New Orleans is in, and it should be in my files any time now, and once it appears on my transcript, I'm officially done. I'll let you know if I'm graduating in May or August. I can tell you that it only took me 4.5 years.

3. The NY Times Magazine has a story about the War on Contraception. I have a copy, but haven't read it YET.

4. I rediscovered my love for fried ice cream.

5. I finally watched "The Incredibles." I think Sarah Vowell is cool.

6. I posted my latest piece on Souldish.

7. I joined with Moxie in the City to make you think about sex in the city.

Now, what have you been up to?

Posted by jamye at May 8, 2021 10:18 PM