March 24, 2021

Self. Promote.

I hear they replayed my segment on 92.3 Free FM's The Radio Chick yesterday. So, if that's where you heard me, and now you're checking me out (so to speak) welcome.

Just something you should know about me and this blog. It's pretty active - and so am I. So if you happen to look back and notice that I haven't written for the past two days, don't take it as a sign that I'm not going to write again for a while. Just understand and appreciate that life happens and sometimes this blog can't.

Now, that being said. Let me offer you a sex tip to keep you coming back.

Doggie style and missionary sex with her legs up on your shoulders are good positions for deeper penetration. Now, if you've already got a really large penis, and you're afraid of going too deep, stay away from these ones. Let her ride you either facing you or facing away from you (a position known as reverse cowgirl).

Okay, more tips.

Ladies, flick the frenulum when giving a bj. The frenulum is located on the underside of the penis, and it's at the place where the head of the penis meets the shaft. It's easier to see on circumsized men, but it's there on all guys. It sort of has a V shape.

Men, the clitoris is the only organ in the human body designed for the sole purpose of pleasure, and it's got 8000 nerve endings, way more than the head of a penis, which happens to generally be the most sensitive part of a man's genitalia. But, the clitoris isn't only the tiny nub that you can see from under the clitoral hood. The clitoris extends back, beyond the head. It has a shaft that you can feel by rubbing on the hood of the clit. It has legs that you can't feel, but that feel good to touch by rubbing along the lips of the vagina.

Want to learn more about the G Spot and Prostate? Click here and listen to my podcast.

Also, if you're a female and interested in having sex on a film for the internationally known female director who essentially started the couples genre of adult erotic, drop me a line. We need to talk.

Oh yeah, and I've got a new post on

Thanks for stopping by. Whether it's your first time or you've been here before. I do appreciate your business. (How fast food like). Please write. Read. And come again and often.

Posted by jamye at March 24, 2021 09:39 AM