February 01, 2021

My two cents. Accepting change.

A distraction from the following statement:

Although it sucks big time about Alito, it's happened. He's in, or on, and not much can be done to get him off (literally or figuratively) at this point. While I'm not sure that Roe v. Wade will be completely overturned, I do think that it will whither away into nothingness or that it will eventually be placed into the "hands" of the states, and they'll have to decide, bit by bit, how the abortion issue should be handled. Not that the states, or the federal government, has the right to make this decision. After all, abortion involves the body and mind of one individual (although sometimes two help make the decision), which, I would like to think is not the property of the state or country. But maybe it is. In some sick, twisted way, we have lost the right to control our bodies. And that is fucked up. We shouldn't have to march or protest or make large gestures in order to maintain or reclaim our rights to our bodies, yet it seems as if this is what we have to do.

I'm waiting until we all have to tattoo a UPC code on our skin just so the government can and will monitor our every move. Big Brother is watching, only he's always been watching, so we've stopped caring about how long and hard he stares. We've grown complacent as a nation. Alito is yet another wake up call, and even though the phone is ringing, and the ringer is on high, we continue to screen the calls, and not everyone chooses to pick up the phone. We've been comatosed for months or maybe even years. Only we might like it in the comfortable state of not knowing, or drooling, or whatever it is we do when we're contently unaware.

So, what do we do now? We protest, we write letters, we scream and talk about things we don't like or want to change. But what will that do? Is anything really changing (at least for the better)?

Sometimes I'm afraid of the repercussions that come with being a sex educator. Not the judgements or the snickers, but the fact that the government might be monitoring what I google. Why is it their fucking business? It isn't fair. Politics is a much dirtier word than sex will ever be, yet we let politicians get away with a lot more than sex educators, porn directors, or other people who work in or around sex ever will.

It's a cruel, crazy, beautiful world, but when it comes to politics it's mostly ugly, very ugly.

Posted by jamye at February 1, 2021 05:06 PM