December 18, 2021

The Village Voice

Me and Jonny.

Rachel Kramer Bussel wrote a piece in the Village Voice called Home for the Holidays, and Jonny and I make an appearance. Woo hoo!

Not all our answers made it into the column, but we're in the fifth paragraph, although it doesn't hurt to read the whole piece. I also said that we would most definitely be having sex at his house because there's not much else to do in a small town in Missouri, but if anyone hears of anything to do in or around Brookfield MO, be sure to drop me a line, as all I'm planning on doing is reading, writing and learning more about my man and his family (oh yeah, and having sex). He asked me to take this trip with him in June (if things were going well, that's how he prefaced it) and now, six months later, I can't believe we leave on Wednesday.

I'm only nervous that I'll say something stupid. Otherwise I'm totally psyched.

Posted by jamye at December 18, 2021 03:22 PM