November 10, 2021

Tall Women

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This not just in, but in for about a month.

Tall women have fewer children because it is difficult for them to find lifetime partners

I love this kind of stuff. I mean, I love that people can make generalizations about anything these days, and appear to be a professional or expert. Tall women don't have as many children as short women. Fine, perhaps it's true, but who knows? Unless you find every single tall woman and every single not so tall woman and get them all together in a room and ask them about kids, how the f*ck do you know? Alas, I was also thumbing through an In Touch magazine from weeks passed, and it said "The Truth about Jessica and Nick" and it was all about how they were staying together (jessica simpson and nick l.) and then a week later they split, so what kind of truth was that. I just think it's funny, the things we'll do or say for a mere second of making news. Okay, I must continue on this tall woman thing...

Tall women are busy with making good careers and have fewer children, but this is not explained with their failure to find good partners. Researchers Denis Deady of Stirling University and Miriam Law-Smith from St.Andrew's University have arrived at a conclusion that the taller a woman the weaker her motherly instinct. Results of their researches prove that taller women highlight successful career and ignore childbirth than women of medium height.

Where are they doing this research. And I can think of a number of tall women who have babies. But hey, that might spoil the whole article.

"The researchers have also estimated that tall women would like to have fewer children and usually give birth to the first baby at their mature age. At the same time, these women are more career-minded and are more competitive."

I'm 5' 3" and I'm competitive and career minded..hey you, down here...

"It is generally believed that tall women have fewer children because it is difficult for them to find partners. But the researchers have refuted the opinion. They state that tall women have much testosterone, the masculine sex hormone that determines their masculine traits such as energy, emulative spirit and ambitiousness. The researchers also wanted to find out what importance career rise has for tall women."

I have a lot of testosterone, at least I think I do. That would explain my overzealous sex drive and the hair on my body. That might also explain my deeper voice and my aggressive manner. But, I'm not tall, so maybe not.

I've cut out the rest of the article so that I can maintain some journalistic integrity, or actually so I can create my own damn story. But all the sentences I've quoted have been quoted the way they were written.

Tall men cheat. Tall women don't care about men.

That's basically what I've learned this year about height. It's not easy being tall, but I guess somebody has to do it.

Posted by jamye at November 10, 2021 05:03 PM