November 08, 2021

Thick Chocolate

What a beautiful day it's turning out to be - and I'm not even talking about the weather.

Before I ramble about the weather, or other topics, I must take care of business...


okay, now that I've taken care of business (do you get "the business" I've taken care of?) I've got some other business to attend to.

First - I'm starting a Hot Wax Newsletter. It's going to be emailed out once a month, maybe twice depending on how excited I feel and it will keep you up to date on sex advice, tips, my classes, things like that. But to sign up, you have to click here. It's pretty quick and easy and I promise not to spam you, but I think it's about time I have an email list, and I want you to be part of it. No, really, I do.

Second - You can now listen to my podcasts on my media page. Except for the one I did today (it's not even up on the Playgirl site yet), they're all there, and all ready for your aural enjoyment.

So exciting I tell ya! Yes. It is. And I think I'm about to start teaching bi-weekly classes at a downtown cool bar. I'm going to start with the how to please your man and yourself classes (which means cock sucking and sex toys, and stuff like that) speaking of which...

Did you ever have a minute where you actually realize where you work? I mean not just know it, yes, I know I work for Playgirl TV, but realize it. I hear, and see, things around the office that most people would never hear or see at their place of employment. I think I'm going to start to write some of this shit down. Yes, indeed, that's what I'm going to do. So, here's today's conversation, and I'm actually one of the two people involved. I was asking the Production manager about a script I'm writing for a video voice over.

Me: "Is it okay if I describe his cock as a thick, chocolate cock?"

Him: "I don't know. Come up with another word. I don't know if chocolate will fly."

"But sometimes I use pink to describe his cock, or her pussy."

"Yeah, but not often."

"Well, I did it often in this batch of voice overs."

"So, does that mean now you're all about color?"

Now, back to the weather. It's not all that cold in New York today, or not cold at all. I decided that it would be nice to walk to work this morning. Walking to work entails preparation, as it usually takes me at least an hour and a half to walk in the mornings. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the Bridge (as I live in Brooklyn, I must cross a bridge every time I walk to work, even though we all cross bridges all the time in life - Score 1 for cheese factor when it comes to the above statement). Then I must walk from downtown NYC to midtown NYC. Factor in traffic lights, the bridge and a caffeine stop and we're talking at least 90 minutes to get to work. Now, I won't give up this walk, at least not while the weather is still good, because I love doing it, and I love looking at the NYC skyline as I cross the East River. But there's something funny about my hands by the time I get to work. After a crisp Fall workday walk, I can't seem to bend my fingers or type for the first 15 minutes upon my arrival at the office. I generally blame this on the spider bites that I once received while living in San Francisco. These bites made my body itch, and my hand and face blow up. I know they were bites because I found little puncture wounds in my skin, and ever since my hand blew up, and got all tingly, it's been sucky to not wear gloves, even in sixty degree weather. And that's strange to me. Is it really a result of the spider bites? Bad circulation? Or just being a woman? Perhaps it has to do with a thick, chocolate cock. I for one, have no idea.

Do you?

Posted by jamye at November 8, 2021 04:24 PM