October 11, 2021

I don't care

Sexy Slumber Party 008.jpg Me. On Sirius Radio. Don't I make a good host? Not that you can hear me in this picture. But you can hear my podcasts at Playgirl.com

Jamba Juice has done away with my favorite smoothie, the Peanut Butter Moo'd, and I'm trying not to care. Granted, it wasn't all that good for you - especially not that Chocolate Moo'd mix that made up half of the smoothie, but Peanut Butter smoothies are my favorite type of shake and now it's gone. I walked into a JJ last night and after the friendly JJ employee informed me of the change - it happened last week because the moo'd option isn't all that popular outside of New York - I walked right out. Those fruity concotions don't do it for me, although I guess if I ever want to drink at a JJ again, they'll have to. *Note: I don't ever want to drink at a JJ again.

I just bought a winter jacket online. It came today. It's a bit bulky but I don't care. Truth is, I'm too lazy to try to return it, so for the winter of '05-'06 it will have to do. My coworkers all think it looks nice. I think I'm done buying clothing online.

I found my shofar blowing picture on the website of a man I don't know, but he's a friend of some friends I do know, and I don't care. He didn't write anything about the picture, no caption, no nothing. Still, it's definitely my favorite picture of me in the world (okay, maybe not in the world, but maybe in the world).

I find talking about myself exhausting right now. So, let's see, what else can I not care about?

The Yankees lost, but I don't care. Are the Mets still playing baseball?
What ever happened to Kevin Elster? Ray Knight? Lenny Dykstra? Not that I really care.

"They" say the New York Subway threat may have been a hoax, but I don't care. I mean, there's always the threat of a terrorist attack, any time, any place, any moment (how's that for a happy thought?) and the truth is, whether or not Mayor Bloomberg was privy to information that might have lead to an attack on the day he predicted there'd be an attack doesn't matter, because there's always the threat of an attack.

And the Star Tribune reports that the average age of a newspaper reader is 55. Once again, I don't care. I mean, who cares (unless of course you're in sales or advertising for said publication) who the f**k is reading the g*dd*mn paper? Not me. I don't care.

Call me grumpy but I'm not. And even if I were, I don't care.

Posted by jamye at October 11, 2021 05:30 PM