August 22, 2021

For my neighbor...

meandjonnyatnightaug05 021.jpg A pic of me. Done by me. I'm not masturbating (not that there's anything wrong with that) even if it looks like I am.

The days left til I won't blog so much are most def. here. My flight leaves mid-afternoon Wed., and have I mentioned - since the last blog - that I am so fucking excited? Yes, I think I have, but still I fail to think of anything I want to mention more.

Oh, except that I just recorded my first podcast for Playgirl TV's website. It's not up yet, but it should be up soon. It's short, since I'm still experimenting and I have no potential for guests just yet, but it's done. An accomplishment in and of itself.

Tonight I must pack after I visit a couple of other "must do's" on my way to this year's Burning Man. It gets complicated because you have to pack for extreme heat and frigid cold, and then there's always the small but because it's so small it will probably happen chance of rain. Rain and dust don't mix, sort of like oil and water don't...except that they actually do mix, but not in a good mix sort of way.

I was just reminded of an incident that really pissed me off this weekend. I was sitting on my steps, the ones in front of my house, and this neighbor woman of mine - a crazy lady that I had never seen before, got out of a car right in front of my house. I was wearing a skirt, a below the knee skirt, but after sitting on the third step in front of my house, I guess it didn't look like it was so below the knee. Jonny (that again is the boyfriend's name) is standing in front of me. We're talking, minding our own business, casually closing out the world around us...oh, that's me, not him..

Soooo...We're talking and this lady, she sort of looks like a younger version of the old lady in Throw Mama From the Train (Anne..something or other) - she steps out of the car and starts to move her legs in this awkward open/close motion, as if she's doing the bottom part of the hand jive from the movie Grease. She's opening and closing her legs, like a chicken who's just learning to walk, and then I notice that she's doing this gesture as she's pointing at me.

"You can see everything," she screams and walks a bit closer. "Everything!"

I am taken aback and proceed to close my legs for fear that she has some sharp object that she's about to stab me with right in between my thighs. And as she stumbles to the door two doors down from my apartment, she continues to scream, "You're disgusting. Goddamn girl. Close your legs..." and other things like that.

Out of the blue. For no reason. I seemed to really piss her off. I wanted to write a letter and slide it under her door. Jonny didn't think that was a good idea. I don't like her attitude though, and quite frankly, she got a little too upset about seeing my underwear. Actually she got a lot too upset. I was wearing underwear and it was covering anything she might not want to see!!! She's obviously not a happy person, but still, she doesn't have to take it out on random strangers. Or does she? I guess if I'm not going to confront her, then I'll never know. So instead I'll post a pic of me in my underwear...sort bra..or maybe it's a bathing suit top...this is for her, because I'm afraid she didn't get to see enough. Not that she knows my name, or where to find me...

Life is full of mysteries. What was up with the crazy lady, this is one of those mysteries.

Posted by jamye at August 22, 2021 05:26 PM