July 26, 2021

For Jonny

"I did it for Jonny." It's a line from the best Julie Brown song ever. Yes, Julie Brown did have a best song ever. It's called Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun and it's about a homecoming queen who goes batty, possibly because she's crazy, but possibly because she's suffering from a bad case of PMS. Anyway she shoots up the cheerleading squad and some other members of her class before she dies herself. But on her deathbed, also known as "the gym floor" she tells her best friend that she "did it for Jonny." Only no one knows who Jonny is...

"Who's Jonny, she said and smiled in that special way.." The theme song from Short Circuit. Yes, I have bizarre Jonny knowledge. Always have, perhaps always will...


At dinner last night the girl at the table next to me stopped to comment on my glittery eyes, which have quietly become one accessory I don't like to leave home without. But when she said it, she was sitting across from me on one of those long booths at a small Cuban cafe, and after saying she liked me eyes, she went on to say what might have been the nicest comment from a stranger that I've ever received.

"No, really, it fits you perfectly. It's not that the glitter is perfect on everyone, but yeah, it works on you. It definitely works - like it's a part of you."

Maybe I'm glittering in more ways than one right now. I do believe that when you are true to yourself and embrace things with a positive attitude, you vibrate and glow at a different level. I hope that's what she's seeing because that's how I'm feeling. Not just about myself, but about the people I love most in my world. And I think they're vibrating differently too. And no, it's not peace, love and hippy crap, although there's nothing wrong with a little peace and love, but it's how I really feel. When I concentrate on how positive things are, everything changes and everyone notices. If you aren't trying it, you should. Trust me. It works.

Oh, and drink lots of water.

Posted by jamye at July 26, 2021 11:17 AM