June 22, 2021

Update: Me

Wow...what a selfish title for a blog, but as this is my blog, I'm allowed to be selfish.

So, here's the ld on the dl (low down on the down low) although I'm not sure what the dl is...

First off..I am officially moved..and moved rather quickly I might add. Fuck, the fire alarm is going off in my cubicle..IN MY CUBICLE...it won't stop flashing and making siren type noises and it's going to give me a bigger headache than the flourescent lights that are saturating my skin...okay, now the noise has stopped but the light keeps going. Thank goddess I'm not an epileptic..

Okay, back to the move.. well, actually it's hours later now too, but nobody has to know that..sometimes I'm too honest... I didn't realize how quickly I moved until Monday, when, on my LAST PERMANENT FLOOR SHIFT at Babeland I was talking to another SE (sex educator) when I realized that just that following Monday I was going to LOOK at an apartment, and one week later I had already moved in to said space.

I love Williamsburg. I feel like I'm living in San Francisco, although that might seem a bit strange, and most people would argue that it is most definitely not San Francisco. But still, the lack of overly tall buildings and larger streets (and apartments) and overly hip people makes me feel like I've moved to another state, fer sure.

I can't believe it's taken me this long to move to Brooklyn.

And I'm glowing again, as in feeling really good about myself. My piece for Steppin' Out is all about glowing this week, it's really cheesy but if you're bored or not so bored you can check it out here *as of Thursday. It feels really good to feel like myself again, and it's changing my relationships with the people I care about...in a really good, positive way.

Tomorrow I am off on my last flight til hopefully late August when I head out to Burning Man. Tomorrow it's LA..a lot of family things and that can go either way...

Last time my whole family got together in LA for this type of affair, my sister and I both wound up passed out in different bathrooms of the house..drunk off our asses, well, actually she was on her ass, but that's a story she might not want me to share.

Posted by jamye at June 22, 2021 03:37 PM