April 03, 2021

Biggest Fear - The Buildup

me_iceparty.jpg Me. Smiling. In the face of fear.

"What's your biggest fear?" It's a question I've been asked on numerous occasions by the same individual over the course of the last few months. "What's your biggest fear?" he constantly, but not in a nagging way, continues to prod.

At first I don't answer the question, not because I don't want to, although it's really quite scary to sit and think about what it is that freaks you out most in this entire world, but I don't answer because I'm not feeling an answer. Is it just one thing, is more of my question. What did my biggest fear look like?

After last night I'm sure I know what mine is, but I'm too tired to write, so I'm going to play it off like it's a game of "show me yours and I'll show you mine."

So, what's your biggest fear?

Posted by jamye at April 3, 2021 10:33 PM