April 01, 2021

An April Fool

nyu033005 001.jpg I swear, even if it's April Fools Day, I did NOT alter this picture. Hint: Check out the don't walk sign. You can click on the pic...

Okay so in my rantings yesterday on states that accept money from the government to preach abstinence only education, seems I got a fact or two wrong -- kind of like the reporter from the Washington Mews, who got a lot more of the facts not straight. Anyway..here's an email I got from my "Dr." friend who happens to be super smart and super well-researched on these sorts of things:

hey jamye-

great blog yesterday! i like the pic too. * of course I had to leave that part in --- as you should know by now, flattery will get you everywhere...wanted to let you know that the sex ed info on CA is not quite right- they don't accept Title V funding (neither does PA) but accept other types of federal funding that have strict abstinence only definitions. check this out.

As per Dr. B's request I did check "this" out, and it turns out, I wasn't completely off, which, in my opinion is better than being so far off that I would have deleted said information from yesterday's posting.

So, now onto the question of the day. How did "April Fools Day" originate? I feel like I once knew the answer, but now I don't remember. Or maybe I only knew the answer in a dream. Speaking of dreams, I had another strange one last night..one about stars being shot down to Earth, because New York City, or maybe the planet, was attacking the sky. I'm trying really hard to remember my dreams because I feel like there's some revelance to them that will be revealed at a later date.

Or maybe it's because life is but a dream.

I can't think of any good pranks to play today. Can you?

Posted by jamye at April 1, 2021 02:53 PM