February 27, 2021

F*** the Academy Awards

16.joanrivers I used to work with this lady. No. Really.

I'm not watching the Academy Awards.

They're on now. I missed the first two awards, the two that matter, and I tried to watch when The Incredibles accepted the award for best animation, which, since when is their an award for Best Animation, but I got bored. I tried a little harder and really, really wanted to get into Drew Barrymore as she announced the nominees for best song, but that's when it clicked...

I don't give a flying sh** about anything Academy Awards. I don't care who wins, who loses..I don't think I've even seen one of the movies nominated for best picture.

You watch the Academy Awards, I'm watching Goodfellas..another movie I've never seen. So while I catch up with movies from what, like 20 years ago, you watch who wins this year. I'll get there eventually.

But still the Acadmey Awards..they aren't my thing.

Posted by jamye at February 27, 2021 09:18 PM