January 29, 2021

Touched by an Angel

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Last night. Late.

I had no idea that when I got in a cab at three-something-or-other in the morning I would encounter a psychic clairevoyant, but that's exactly what happened to me in what must be my most un-fucking-forgettable New York moment ever.

At first we weren't getting along. He, the cabdriver or intuitive being, was being a "where was that address again?" driver, and I was being an impatient New Yorker. When he didn't go my way to get downtown, I immediately got my panties in a tizzy and began asking questions.

"Why are all New Yorkers so impatient?" he asked me.

"It's the nature of the beast," I replied.

"Please don't tell me how to go," he said, "and I promise to get you there."

I knew he was right so I just shut my trap.

We drove the next seven blocks in silence, and then he began the conversation.

He was intuitive...probably the most intuitive "capsule" I've ever met.

He told me things about myself that only a few, very close people even know. He told me things about myself that only I know. He told me who I would become and he told me what I'd have to face to get there. Basically, it was the scariest, most dead-on, holy shit experience of my life.

I asked him if he was from another planet. He told me he was an angel. His parents had named him Godson, as if they knew something about him. They were pretty much right on.

He found me. Other cabs passed me by, literally, as if at 3AM I'm invisible under the jacket that has been termed "my sleeping bag." He cut through traffic to get to me. It was as if he had to get to me.

Not all he said was good, although he tried to explain how I could turn the bad around. Things that I had already known were reaffirmed and words that I needed to hear were said.

I didn't sleep much last night. I couldn't. After all, the experience had been so out of explanation that I couldn't think about anything else. How did he find me when he knew I needed him? How did he know me? Who was he?

I know, I know. I'm a kook sometimes, but really, this time I know, I was touched by an angel.

Posted by jamye at January 29, 2021 06:36 PM