January 01, 2022

2005 begins...

colorado_to_santafe_days0102 046.jpg
I'm anticipating the sunset that's about to happen somewhere on the horizon here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A. says "I'm not sure if the night or the day went faster. I think the day went faster. " We all agree.

Tomorrow it's the hot springs. Tonight, A. says we have to push ourselves to the limits because tomorrow is the big cleansing. This has been one perfect New Years, and I can most definitely use a body purging. But first, it's one more night of no-goodness before we get to our place of holiness.

The drive from Colorado was beautiful, even if the great plains are really as flat as they come. We passed Cheyenne Mountain, the home of some really heavy war games and stuff, and lots of little cities in both Colorado and New Mexico. It took half a day to get here, but that meant half a day to get to know the four new friends I was driving with. We talked about lots of things, including how every life goes through a series of "rides" and when we can choose, and even when we can't, we have to find a way to even out the roller coasters with the merry go rounds.

My friends in New Mexico are on one of the best merry go rounds of their lives. They got engaged a few days before we got here. They are totally in love. They are amazing people. And they are living in one of the most picturesque cities in the United States. It's quite spectacular to be out here.

2004 is over. I feel 2005 will only be better. We've been on 24 hour DJ since I've arrived, and the group of 14 or so is like one big communal family. Sort of how I've always wanted to live, in San Francisco, back in the days when Joplin and the Dead performed on the streets for the love of music, not money.

I have two and a half more days here. It's been a great start to the New Year. I can't imagine how the rest of the trip will play out, all I know is that I have been filled with an abundance of everything over the past day. I want to write more, but my brain is on auto pilot and I'm beginning to think I need a full night's rest. Perhaps I'll rest tonight, perhaps it'll be tomorrow before I really sleep. Either way, I'm cleansing my soul at the hot springs as soon as I can.

Until then, what shall be, shall be. That's all I can say as the music begins to pick up, and people get ready to dance. What a fantastic fucking New Years. There was no place else I should have been.

Posted by jamye at January 1, 2022 07:53 PM