December 28, 2021

Four trains in two hours

I never posted this read it today, damn you..
This morning. The F to one stop. Feed cat. Shower. Pack. Go
The A to 14th Street. The L to the next stop. In Brooklyn. Deeper into Brooklyn than is still considered "hip." Feed another cat. Empty litter. Play with kitty so she doesn't feel neglected. Leave because you have to get to work. By 11:30AM.

Hop on the M. Take to work. Arrive four minutes late.
All so you can sleep in Chinatown on an air mattress. But it's your air mattress. Your view of the Manhattan Bridge. Nobody can take that away from you. So you sleep there. Close enough to the cold tire floor to feel the frost. The view is worth it all.

It's 1:30 before you eat anything today. Accept for the sugar water cappucino that froths and foams its way out of a machine.

Welcome to today.

400 steps, 4 subways, 2 burroughs, 2 cats and 3 apartments later.

All this after I expected to howl at the full moon for two hours last night. Only at Alex Grey's Spiritual Sanctuary I found a lot of other things, but no howling. Like some interesting art work. I don't know enough about Alex to comment on his work, but the drum circle was unbelievable. I couldn't dance because I was, once again, thinking too much. It's hard to dance when your mind is engaged. I don't understand why I think too much. Sometimes thinking gets in the way. Especially when you want to dance. Dancing and Thinking don't mix.
My fortune cookie reads "nothing in the world is accomplished without passion." I have plenty of that. Passion. It's one of the things I can't live without. Really. I leave in four days. Getting out of New York for 12 days. I'm expecting things to happen, which is never a good thing. So, this week I will focus on flushing out my expectations. After all, everything is found when you weren't even sure if it was lost. At least that's what I've learned.

Posted by jamye at December 28, 2021 11:13 AM