December 14, 2021

Off to Vegas - Part 1

I have been fairly hush hush about this, unless of course you've been in my life (outside of this blog) on a semi-regular basis these past few weeks. But tonight, at 8PM, I am leaving on a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada, home of 24/7 nightlife and large vats of recirculated oxygen.

The flight says 5 hours and 27 minutes. How is this possible? A longer flight than to San Francisco or LA, this doesn't make sense to me. I'm in no mood to sit on a plane for that long. I'll yearn for that fresh cool Vegas casino air. Nothing like the land of eternal lights.

What am I doing out in Vegas?, you may ask.

I'm not really sure, I may tell you.

I mean, I'm going out there this week courtesy of Playgirl TV. They're going to be filming a Pay Per View event at the new Playgirl Club in one of the hotels in Vegas. The premise is that they're looking for that next Playgirl centerfold, only, the guy's that I've seen so far, aren't the men I'd want to see naked in a magazine. Maybe they'll look good on TV. All beefy, LA, outwardly straight/inwardly gay types. What do I know? At least I'm not a judge. Things could get ugly if I were a judge. And no, I am not having sex with any of the contestants. Just in case you were wondering if I would. I don't want to.

Back to they look gay thing.
My mother says I think everyone's gay.
I just say some people have to be.

Okay, now that I've said something about nothing relevant to this conversation, let's continue...I am supposed to ask ladies questions like: What do you like about men? When you hook up with your partner, what part of his body do you go for first? Which of these guys would you bring home to mama?

The director isn't really into it. She doesn't have a vision for how to use me. One of the producer's - this is all his vision, so, he plans on having me do all sorts of things. Will I actually be on TV?

I can't answer that.

HOWEVER I should be on TV in January when I head back to Vegas for the AVN Expo. There I'll be sharing a room with Carly, Tristan and Jonno and Carly will be followed around by this Canadian Channel, Sex TV. There doing a reality TV thing, and, I'm sure we will all be involved, especially since I'm doing the drive from LA to Vegas with her, but that's very different from what I'm doing now. Now I'm expected to perform..and I keep thinking of one of those monkeys who has the two cymbals attached to his hands, being all wound up and banging those metal plates together...

Cling. Cling. Cling.

This trip is something I need to do to prove to myself that I can do anything...well, I still won't be any good at sports when I return from this trip, so almost anything

Still, 5 hours and 27 minutes to Vegas?

Twice in 30 days.
Sex. Porn. Cameras. Vegas.

It's only the beginning. This I say with as much certainty as any one person can have about being certain. It's only the beginning.

Posted by jamye at December 14, 2021 04:41 PM