December 01, 2021

Thar she blows

The wind could have knocked down a small child or an elderly woman at around 1:30PM today. Fuck, it almost took me down and I ain't a lightweight. Unbelievable wind. I'm surprised I didn't see any witches fly or houses fall. The weather is one of my favorite topics. I wish I had seen some wigs or skirts fly. How funny would it have been if someone's fake leg had come unscrewed and then flew across the street and accidentally hit a now bald (because her wig happened to fly off in the unprecedented high wind) hassidic woman, and then maybe a house fell on them? Like a warped Wizard of Oz, only not really like the Wizard of Oz at all.

I want munchkins. Not the small, round, circle parts of a donut kind either.

My fingers smell like frosting and I haven't eaten cake, or anything sweet for that matter. Although I did put Vanilla Bean lotion on my body today, but that was hours ago. Would my hands smell all these hours later? My ringworm is improving, only now I don't have anymore cream until tomorrow and now I'm afraid it will only start growing again. Like Pinocchio's nose. Growing out of control.

I'm working at a sex shop. Would Pinocchio's nose make a good novelty dildo?

My uncle and I are both in the sex/porn industry. Keeping it in the family. I just wanted to share cause my aunt just left me a message about something to do with our line of work and I started to chuckle. One person in porn in any family is a lot for some families to deal with, but two!!! My family is cool. My uncle's been doing this twice as long as I have. I think he's the most normal man in porn. Well, not in porn, but in porn.

On that note...

Posted by jamye at December 1, 2021 06:24 PM