November 16, 2021

Got News?

No need to get personal, do you want to talk news? I feel like I never talk news. Maybe it's because ever since I left the realm of TV producer, the space where I was required to read at least 3 papers a day, I've given up on believing a lot of what is reported. Okay, maybe not what, but how, cause reporting, while it shouldn't be opinion, is more opinion than it should be.

What's up with the Bush Administration? Powell resigning, no big surprise there, and now he's keeping it in the family. I guess that's a good thing for him, seeing as he doesn't have much of a clue otherwise. When will Guiliani ever get his job with the President? Probably sooner than I think, cause me thinks he's itching for a place in the Church of Satan, er, I mean the White House.

And then ODB. Yes, I know he died a few days ago, and no, I didn't really listen to his music, but something about my heart aches whenever someone young dies. I know people die all the time, but when I read about an, on the verge of, 36 year old, collapsing, it makes me remember that I have no control over my life or death. Well, limited control. Every time my head aches, or my chest hurts, I think about this again and again. We can never fully control our bodies, but when we feel our bodies controlling us, this, this is the only time we remember that.

He just dropped dead. Is that the way to go?

Filed under, "Fuckin' Great, Now What?" - the "abortion pill" RU-486 has been blamed in the death of a California woman last January. As if most of Jesusland needed an excuse to get rid of the choice in pro-choice, here's just one more piece of fuel to add to their fire. That, and the fact that Scott Peterson was charged with two counts of murder. Do you understand what this means? Yes, Laci's pregnancy could have been alive and well, with or without mommy, but let's look at the language here. This boy wasn't born while Laci was alive, and what happened to him is still being called murder, which yes it is, but that's not my point. Do you see where the right wing will argue and win on this point? If "Connor" was murdered, then aren't all unborned fetuses potential "Connor's," and then if you abort a "Connor" aren't you indeed, knowingly, committing an act of murder? Wouldn't all abortion = murder? Get it? Got it? Now what the fuck are you going to do about it?

This is why I don't talk news. It just depresses me. Which is why I like to remember that no gnews is good gnews with Gary Gnu.

Posted by jamye at November 16, 2021 11:14 AM