November 09, 2021

I made a boo boo

I erased the email about that ugly, scary man David Hager - the one about him being appointed to some position. Not cause it isn't an ugly, scary thought and he isn't an ugly, scary man, and if he was actually placed in charge of anything, we'd all be fucked..but apparently, I am so out of date and this was like not even yesterday's news, but the day before the day before yesterday. Sorry. My mistake. Maybe it will matter, and if it does, and if, in Jesusland, David Hager is part of the Bush administration, you will hear from me again..but until then...

Writing this blog...This is the first time I've actually done something for me today. I mean, I've done other things for me, like shower and eat, but I've been running around all day between meetings and lunch, and now, work, where I know I shouldn't be communicating with the outside world..but..I need to know...can you hear me?

Hello? Hello?

An aside: I'm reading a biography on Nikola Tesla - and even though I hate science and math, I find him fascinating. Just thought you should know (and that explains the picture at the top of this entry)...although I also like the idea of putting the picture there cause it's sort of scary, but not as scary as David Hager: Scary Man.

Okay, back to you now, can you hear me?

(Pin drop)

So...this week..I have to shit or get off the pot because now is the time to act, so I've been shitting, in the proverbial sense of the word, and wow, what a productive week it has been and will, I hope, continue to be...

who knows though...things keep happening..changing...fucking up..getting better...worse...happier..sadder.

One just never knows what the middle or end of a week will bring. One just never knows.

Posted by jamye at November 9, 2021 08:14 PM