September 26, 2021

Dildo Pusher


I've sold more dildos and vibrators than you will ever sell in your lifetime, unless of course you happen to work with me, and you stay there longer than I do. But right now, with few exceptions in the New York Market, I've got you beat.

I sold dildos all weekend. Lots of sizes, although no one ever seems to be interested in the 13 inch long, 7 inch wide black silicone one that sits on the back shelf. I sell vibrators too. The most popular one, which is the question I most often get, is shut the fuck up. No really, shut the fuck up. I hate that question. Just because something's popular doesn't make it better, AND, didn't you spend all of high school trying to be most popular, only to realize that it came along with the empty feeling that everybody loved you but nobody liked you. Haven't you seen Mean Girls?

And there are other things, things besides dildos and vibrators. Today I sold two floggers. A flogger is something you use to whip another person. Generally on the backside. There are a variety of kinds of floggers out there. Leather. Rubber. Plastic. String. String Johnnies. Okay, now I'm making things up. There are really lots of floggers out there though.

Oh, there's so much more I can tell you, but I have to meet a friend in less than an hour.

It's just that I was thinking. I meet the most incredible people at my job. Really.

I sell sex so I guess I'm bound to meet those kinds of people all the time. After all, I am your neighborhood dildo pusher.

What're you lookin' for?

Posted by jamye at September 26, 2021 08:45 PM