August 28, 2021

Out of Town


This will be the longest stretch of knowing that I won't be writing for a very long time, but as of tomorrow I will be out of any type of communication for a week and a day. And for this I am excited, as I really need a vacation, which sounds funny since my summer sounds like one long vacation, and although at times it was, at times it definitely wasn't.

So, you won't hear from me for a while, but that doesn't mean I won't be itching to write, cause I will. So I'm bringing a notebook to jot down random and not so random thoughts and when I return I should have a lot to tell you.

And for those of you still in NYC, I hope you have a lot to tell me, as the RNC is in town this week, and things could get, well, more exciting than dull. The police helicopters are already out in full force and who knows what else is in store for the city that never sleeps and will continue to never sleep because of all the air pollution we have to deal with this week.

As for me there's Reno then Black Rock City...And I'm not sure how much sleep I'll be getting either.

Posted by jamye at August 28, 2021 04:28 AM