July 30, 2021

Everybody's Got Problems

Dsc04126.jpg Even the dogs in Prague have problems

That's the problem with people, we all have our own issues, insecurities, uncertainties. We all have things we don't like to hear about ourselves, and other things we refuse to believe.

There will always be a point when you cross that line. That fine line between funny and not so ha ha. That time when you write a blog and it offends someone or everyone or no one at all. Every person who puts themselves out there will ultimately piss off at least one other person.

I can't think when I write or I would sensor myself more than I already do. I am not always politically correct, in fact I'm not always correct for that matter..but at least I try to make an effort, a difference, a dent.

You may have problems with me for who I am or who I will never become. But that's your problem, not mine.

And now that I've gotten what I like to call the things that make me sad off my already larger than it's ever been because all I do is eat fried cheese in Prague chest I plan on taking a shower and going out. But first, I must deal with a problem.

Dying my hair. Last time I tried to dye my hair I almost admitted myself into a mental hospital. The situation was stressful. I was visiting my aunt in LA, and decided that midnight on a Thursday would be the perfect time for a dye job. After getting sloppy, I hadn't only dyed my hair jet black, I had dyed most of her white cabinets as well. I spent the rest of the night contemplating what kind of note I would leave her as I ran away never to return while, at the same time, trying to scrape the black dye off the walls (soft scrub saved my life). I've also dyed rugs, towels, pillows, shower curtains, small fluffy animals, clothing and other things that absorb black hair dye, or, in other words just about everything.

So, as I get ready to get the dye out of my hair, I wonder..what will I ruin this time?

Posted by jamye at July 30, 2021 06:44 PM