June 22, 2021

Speculating on Bill

Bill Clinton was on Oprah today, and although she does a really good job of asking good questions, he was a bit wordy when it came to lieing about his happy marriage and Monica Lewinsky. I don't know, I really like him, but I think he talked himself into and out of a number of lies as he recanted the Monica Lewinsky affair. He has nice things to say about her, but she must hate that she knows he's lieing at times. Monica Lewinksy was not Clinton's first affair, (remember Paula Jones), and I'm sure there were others before her, but who cares? I would go even further to speculate that Monica Lewinsky was not, and will never be, Bill Clinton's last affair. Bill and Hillary have separate very powerful lives, and power yields a great many opportunities, like the opportunity for sex.

Bill Clinton said he lives in two worlds. That was part of his "explanation" not "excuse" about Monica. Whatever. He had some other interesting stories and he tooted a lot of his own horn. Still I liked him, and I may even read (not buy) his 976 page memoir. He got a ten million dollar advance and it took him two and a half years to write. Apparently, at one time, it mentioned almost everyone he's ever met. Then it was edited. Still 976 pages. Geez-us...

One more thing on Bill and Monica:
We are not monogamous by nature. That's the truth. We don't have to lie anymore.

Posted by jamye at June 22, 2021 06:03 PM