April 30, 2021

Today's gossip columns...


...are reporting a number of things of interest to me..Okay, not ALL the columns, actually these two bits of information on other people come from today's Rush and Molloy column in the NY Daily News.

First: This one is all about me..okay, not about me at all, but about that show I went to Dallas to tape.

JASON PRIESTLEY's sexy sister, Justine, really got into her work last week in Arlington, Tex., where she served as a judge at the Gentlemen's Club Championships - a sort of "American Idol" contest for strippers. One girl after another gave Justine lingering lap dances, and she didn't seem to object. "It was out of control," says fellow judge Chaunce Hayden. "I think Jason is going to crawl under his bed when he sees it." The Championships, created by Bob Meyrowitz, air on In Demand at the end of May...

Second: - This one has nothing to do with me...

Larry to be muy Linda?
Better stop calling them the Wachowski brothers. We hear "Matrix" co-creator Larry Wachowski is ready for the sex-change operation that will finalize his conversion to a woman named Linda.
Last May, he wore women's earrings at "The Matrix Reloaded" premiere. At the time, the estranged husband of an alleged Los Angeles dominatrix told newspapers that Wachowski was a client of his wife. The source said he had seen Larry "in her bondage room...lying there in a dress, no panties and a blond wig."
Several "longtime friends" say Larry - who is in the middle of a divorce with his wife, Thea Bloom - is now ready for the operation, reports the Chicago Sun Times.
The agent for Larry and his brother and collaborator, Andy Wachowski, did not return calls yesterday

This is the first time a celebrity is actually going through some public form of gender dysphoria with the end result of surgery (at least as far back as I can remember). There are differences between transvestites, like Eddie Izzard, and transsexuals or transgendered persons. Transvestites are primarily heterosexual men who like to dress in women's clothing for an erotic thrill. Transgendered men and women don't want to act like a different gender, they never identify with the gender they were assigned to at birth.

In order to go through an operation, one that would change your body from FTM (female to male) or MTF (male to female) you have to do a lot of psychological work, including living in the body that you want for about two years. Within that time you can start taking hormones and transitioning, but the final surgery happens way down the road. The MTF surgery generally looks better and is easier to perform. There's a saying I've heard regarding this, and that is. "it's easier to dig a hole than build a pole." I'm no expert on transgendered issues, but I am excited to see how Linda handles this media. Hopefully she will help educate and not ignore the questions that are bound to be posed as a result of Larry's celebrity.

I love juicy fruit gum better than I like juicy celebrity gossip. However, this I had to share...

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