April 27, 2021

Always on the Move

After seeing this sign, remind me, if I haven't ever gone into the differences between comprehensive sexuality education and abstinence only education, and the scary statistics about what we teach in this country...I will...but for now...

I meant to get this up yesterday..The march was intense. I am so glad I was there, although I was too busy walking to hear anyone speak. But I put up pictures in the photo gallery, in case you want to view some of what I saw. I had never been to a march before, although I don't know if that's something I really want to admit, because I want to be active, and I want to be an activist. I want to make a difference in that respect.

I will do it again though. But first, this week, I am moving once again. For the next two months I will be effectively homeless, which could shatter my chances of a dating life. How can I date when I have no place to bring someone home to? Whatever. As of right now, I am officially couch surfing. Which is why my writing may get more sporadic. I hope not though. Because I feel out of touch when I don't stay in touch.

Head still spinning...

Posted by jamye at April 27, 2021 08:56 AM