February 27, 2021

Oh My Gawd a Chocolate Dawg

Dsc02313.jpg or cat...Alfred Kinsey "Silly" Cavanah Waxman-Berman looking oh so handsome...

I studied abroad in Australia..her name was Marilyn..buh, duh, bum..(I'll be here all week - try the veal and don't forget to tip your waiter)...no seriously, I did, and it was the University of Central Queensland in Rockhampton, Australia. Those who knew me before I left suggest that it was in the Beef Capital of Australia that I officially removed the stick from my butt, and while they may be right, I don't think I was ever that bad. Really. Regardless, I had a friend named Mark, for some reason we called him Snoopy, although he looked nothing like the dog. He loved when I would talk like a girl from New Yawk, which was easy and all, being from New Yawk. He would ask me to say "Oh My Gawd A Chocolate Dawg" over and over, and then he'd laugh. Silly, childish humor, but it worked like a charm, and all I was ever doing was "feeling my roots"...

Although one should never forget their roots, "Confucious say" one should dye them as often as necessary. Again, be here all week, try the veal..yada, yada, yada...There is truth in that statement, although I lied about the Confucious thing, but as I return to New York, to my roots, after months of change, I realize how important familiarity is. And even if I'm just back for a touch up, I'm still back.

And I'm working on life in New York, even picking up shifts at an old job that I never would have left if I stayed here all along. But while I move along, at my pace, I watch this place whiz by me. Like some really cheesy late 80s/early 90s music video, with over the top neon graphics and extra frames per second, things move at high speed.
And I am working on my faster connection.

Because that's so New York. Like small, cramped apartments and loud car horns, if you aren't on speed you should act like you are. And that's sort of what I appreciate around these parts. Today I saw some woman who had been hit by a car, alive and patiently waiting for an ambulance, and as I watched her, I also noticed that life continued driving, riding and walking by around her.

Expect nothing less here, and you can expect even more.
New York - it's good to see you.

Posted by jamye at February 27, 2021 04:04 PM