February 15, 2021

VD - It's not just a disease anymore

DSC01913.JPG VD in SF at CH (City Hall) a.k.a. HISTORY IN THE MAKING

It’s 10PM on Sunday, February 15th, the final component of the trilogy known as "Significant Date Weekend 2004." Even though I am writing delirious thoughts at a Kinko's at a time that is, to most of my close friends and family known affectionately as 1AM, I am happy to be writing as an unscathed survivor.

I have no fear of Valentines Day, and although this may sound bitter, trust me I’m not, I think Valentines Day is nothing more than a Hallmark holiday, just as Sweetest Day, or Sweethearts Day, I forget which is the correct name, is an American Greeting Cards holiday. Its October 21st for those of you who have no idea what Sweetest Day is, and I’m talking about a holiday I learned about while working in Bucyrus, Ohio. Point being I don’t really care about Valentines Day or Sweetheart Day (I don’t even care to look up the correct name), I want someone who doesn't have to be told that there's a day he should buy me flowers. I want someone who shows me they love me all the other days of the year. I don’t like that it’s the one day to recognize love, and that we have to recognize it at all when it should be expected and why don’t we ever recognize independence, celebrate alone time, the fact that someone got to know himself or herself really well, without the company of another person.

I don't like Friday the 13th either because I am how do you say....super (thanks for asking) stitious. And I don’t walk under ladders or accidentally drop mirrors as a general rule.

Friday, the 13th was scary because of the movies. Although I always opted for Freddy Krueger and the boiler room scenario, because it seemed less real even though it scared the buh-jesus out of me, and even if I didn't go into my basement until after I turned 18 for the pure fear of who I might encounter there, I think I was more frightened of Jason. Now I ponder...was Friday the 13th scary before Jason, or did Jason make it scary?

Okay, so I hate this weekend for the superstition surrounding one day and the saturation surrounding the other. But now it’s Sunday, the 15th, and I don’t have to worry for a few years because it won’t be Friday the 13th again for a while, at least not followed by VALENTINES DAY, the 14th.

And on Sunday the 15th, I am staying in Santa Cruz with my mother, who is hopefully sleeping in what has amounted to the nicest motel I have stayed at in a while, and we are traveling down the Pacific Coast Highway <1> to Los Angeles. It's a really pretty drive and I am excited to see more beautiful scenery tomorrow!

This is my last full week in California for a little while, maybe even shorter than I think, but longer than I know. Who knows really and who thinks often? Now I am trying hard...or hardly trying...to say a lot of things that mean a lot to say. Not really, but you get the drift. What I’m going for. The least you could do is humor me…Or not really. Really. How did we get from there to here?

I am delirious....

Posted by jamye at February 15, 2021 10:44 PM