December 22, 2021

The Blackout in San Francisco was strange. Stranger than Blackout NYC 2003 because it was so random. While one corner of a street had power, the other 3 corners were black. There were patches of entire city that functioned normally and patches of city where nothing was working. It felt like there had been an earthquake. And no, I did not feel the earthquake today. But back to the blackout -not as memorable as Blackout NYC 2003, then again New York knows how to throw a party, even in a blackout.

In San Fran my house went dark. So we (people you don't know and me) drove around town that night looking at the randomness of it all. There was no way to figure out why some places had power and other's didn't. That's what made it so cool, you had to realize how unpredictable things really are and how quickly things can change. In the blink of an eye we had gone from light to dark!

Things keep changing quickly for me. It's exciting and scary and it's driving me mad with thoughts. But it's good and kind of feels like a the tingly shampoo I use on my head, I think it's called Botanica.

My sister is coming tomorrow. We are going to Alcatraz one night. I was obsessed with that place last time I was there (age 13). Did you know that every cell on Alcatraz has a view of the city, so that every day and night the convicts had to look back onto the beautiful scenery. TORTURE!

Okay. I will post more soon. I might go see this old college guy that I randomly ran into at a bar here...I had always wondered what happened to him and then there he was. It's strange but things like that happen to me all the time in San Francisco. This place clicks with me somewhere, in some really strange but good way. Wow, I sound like a freak and maybe I am! I think I have morphed into some San Fransican hippy...Peace, love and does it really matter anyway?

Posted by jamye at December 22, 2021 07:52 PM