December 18, 2021

"Since you've been away, I've been down and lonely, since you've been away I've been thinking of you" Okay anyone know the song? Its one of the songs that left a permanent mark on my brain, the kind that, for the rest of my life, leaves me stuck with the words to a few lines, a song that hasn't been played since I was ten, but now it's embedded in my medulla.


I have had a fun few days. Took a trip. To Reno, Nevada..probably not the best town to visit if you're not a gambler, but since I like culture, and most of the people there are foreign to me, I liked the experience. I could have watched for days. I even talked to one old drunk who told me that her daughter hated Jews.


Margaret also told me that she told her daughter that the jews were the chosen people. It was a strange conversation. Apparently the entire casino hates her because she frequents the bar looking for free booze and she doesn't gamble at all. After 20 minutes I either had to pull off her wig or leave. So I left. But wouldn't it be great to see what was under that hair?!!

Reno. It's a scary place, like a town that should be destroyed. But my favorite part about the city, until you realize that this is also what makes the town so far removed from life, is that's its surrounded by mountains. It's like 5 minutes from California, not far from Tahoe (look on a map if you still don't get it yet, please I implore you - maps are your friends), and it's so small but grand in the scheme of life on the land, at least the land on the Nevada/California border. Anyway, I think too much. Oh, and I got to touch snow!

Uhm. Other than that there are other things. But isn't that always the case?

Posted by jamye at December 18, 2021 11:00 PM