December 08, 2021

Dear ______________,

rotatedpic.jpg This is why you should smile in pictures!

I'm just going to write right now. Literally and Figuratively. I moved out to San Francisco to produce a TV show that I didn't really want to produce. And I dreamed that the job would go away, and one Saturday morning while I was getting some soy drink at Starbucks, the phone rang and the show went away. Poof! Just like that.

And that same weekend, I wanted to have some semblance of a romantic relationship. Something nice and easy. And that same week, the week of my birthday, the week I wanted this to happen, it did, and I met a really cute, really nice and really smart boy who was nice and easy. Just like that.

And then I had a relationship and no job, and a new life. A life so different than the one I had in New York. And I took time to figure out what that meant, and what I was supposed to do out west. Because I know I am supposed to be here. But what did I want to do for money? I didn't want to be a Producer. I didn't want to work 9-5. I wanted to be an artist, a writer, a free spirit. And that's how I am trying to pay the bills.

Otherwise the city is beautiful, the weather is nice, I still haven't been paid at all from the tv show that fell through, and my relationship is about to become a friendship.

Be careful what you wish for.

Oh, and I like my column this week..Hot Wax at
Waddya think?

So my friends, that is me...where I am now. Where are you?

Posted by jamye at December 8, 2021 05:52 PM