Are you there Internet? It’s me Jamye….

Hey Interwebs!

Are you out there?

I haven’t written anything on this blog in quite some time. Not since I got more than knee-deep into working on my dissertation proposal and finishing up my last years in my counseling psychology program at Santa Clara University. The good news is I’m almost an MFT and I’m getting closer to being not so ABD too.

Oh, and in between all of these things, I haz baby. Which leads me to post today. I was recently interviewed by Tristan Taormino on sex and pregnancy for Glamour magazine.

I figured why not share it here now.



Single Ladies and Friends of Single Ladies!

Not my baby

So: I’m writing this book about figuring my shit out in my 30′s – especially around how I date and what I really want in terms of relationships/family. I’m looking to speak with other women like me who are also in the same-ish boat. Yes, I may include some of what you say in the book.

Me: I’m 38. I’ve had a few serious relationships, and have never been engaged or married. I’m thinking about children (do I even want them?), family (having one of my own) and relationships (what is romantic love? What’s my baggage? What do I really need in a relationship with a partner?). I’m looking to talk about these, and other things with women who are ready, and willing, to get personal.

What: I’m looking to sit down with a group of women in the bay area who are also thinking about children, dating, relationships and finding out what we want as our middle years go, like sand through the hourglass (sorry, had to do it).

Who you are: If you are between 35-45, are single or dating, and are interested in talking with a group of other women like you about family, children, dating, relationships and you’re own journey, I’d love to talk with you. There will be food, drink and a parting gift. Email me (hottwax at or send a message and I can answer any questions/give you more details.

When: There are a few opportunities to talk. Wednesday, December 5th and 12th and Sunday, December 16th. (Time is TBD based on everyone’s availability).

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