So Last Week .87

In this week’s Tuesday edition of sex news you may have missed, Dan Savage rocks my socks off when he says, “I acknowledge the advantages of monogamy when it comes to sexual safety, infections, emotional safety, paternity assurances. But people in monogamous relationships have to be willing to meet me a quarter of the way and acknowledge the drawbacks of monogamy around boredom, despair, lack of variety, sexual death and being taken for granted.” Plus a brutally honest story about dealing with being a woman journalist in tough places and what do you do when your husband loves your breast implants more than he loves you. It’s all So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed.

  • Infidelity will keep us together. (NYT)
  • How violent sex helped ease my PTSD. (Good.Is)
  • You’re so perfect…except for your boobs. (AdiosBarbie)
  • Ovulating women have better gaydar. (VillageVoice)
  • Glee’s Cory Monteith shows he’s straight but not narrow. (TheStir)
  • Bug’s penis makes loudest animal sound. (WiredUK)
  • When love had to come before sex. An intriguing new book. (DailyMail)
  • Anniversary time: John Holmes and the Wonderland Murders. (GramPonante)
  • On being a dainty man. (CharlieGlickman)
  • Comfort sex is no small feat. (TheChart)
  • Kim Kardashian x-rays her butt. What do you think? (JustThink)


Image via Courtney Bolton/Flickr